Krasi Henkel

Krasi Henkel, Principal

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Your real estate needs, wants, and dreams are vitally important. From firsthand experience, I know that your life depends on your living environment. You should love where you live and be happy to call it home. Let me explain -

When I was 9 years old, my immigrant parents had saved enough money (in just three years) to make a down payment on a modest new home. We visited different communities and model homes yet they kept returning to one where the streets were wide and meandering and where there was a community swimming pool and tennis courts. As a 9-year-old, I thought that the recreational amenity requirement was extravagant. My father insisted that there be a place where children can flourish. What was unusual and curious to me was why the sales agent at the subdivision repeatedly told my parents that "...we don’t sell to people like you..." This is when my real estate experience began.

I helped translate and negotiate the purchase for my parents. Boldly, I asked the sale agent exactly, “to what kind of people do you sell? What do we have to do to become like them?” Ultimately, he mumbled about foreigners and language and needing income verification and tax returns. With my facility with languages I translated between the agent, my parents, and ultimately, the lender. I enlisted help from my father’s boss for income verification. I spent hours on the phone. We moved into our new home just before my 10th birthday! We joined the swim and racquet club where I spent many summers working on my tennis and swimming skills and making life-long friends. Where you live is life-changing.

Real estate has always been my first love. As we matured in the United States, we upgraded our homes (not without my complaining) and acquired investment properties. I helped manage the investment properties. When my husband and I were getting married, I ran numbers to prove that owning our home would be better financially than renting (we bought a condo).

My career path was not straight into real estate. After graduating from the University of Maryland with my degree in accounting, I worked at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation for 11 years. I loved the many opportunities and challenges from entry level auditor to division director. But, real estate tugged at my heart.

Finally, in 1986, I took the leap of faith and changed careers. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. There is nothing more rewarding than to see my clients reach their goals. Helping a client buy their first home is just as exciting for me today as it was then. I love how much my clients care about their children’s success and how carefully they chose the right home for their families.

Over the years, real estate has become more technical, more data driven, and much more regulated. The constants have been my clients’ hopes, dreams, and needs. That is where ears and heart have to “hear” through the din of technology's noise.

Of course, technology, education, credentials, and experience come without saying. If you want to know all about these, please read on -

I am smart, tech savvy, and up to date on the latest and greatest. My credential are long they are summarized below:

  • Master Negotiator - Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation
  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) through the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Economics
  • NVAR Life-Time Top Producer
  • Certified Relocation Specialist
  • Published Author
  • Recipient of 30+ years of awards

What does this mean to you? Passion. The awards recognize the passion, energy, enthusiasm and skill with which I work to help my clients. The certifications and education keep me up to date and ahead of the curve. With my drive and passion, your properties will sell best. You will win the contract on the property of your choice.

I love challenges!

As broker/owner of Properties on the Potomac, Inc., I not only work for my clients, but for our current and future agents as well.

The best part of my work in real estate is that I love it. I love our agents and our clients. There is nothing more rewarding than to see you succeed.

Tiffany Henkel

Tiffany Henkel, Associate Broker

Director of Training

Direct - 703-989-7452

When I was 2, I previewed houses with my Mom, a real estate agent. On several occasions I proclaimed that carpets were ugly or that the house smelled bad in front of the sellers (to my mother's horror). They took measures and their properties sold!

When I was 5, I helped with fliers and brochures and earned "doll dollars." That was my "mail room" experience. As I grew, I helped set appointments, made direct calls, managed databases, and created marketing materials.

Today, I identify properties with laser precision. I negotiate fiercely and effectively. My an support team is exceptional.

You need honesty and not excuses. That's what I deliver. I am confident, fair, and truthful so that you know exactly where your deal stands.

In addition to many years of experience, my degrees in marketing and economics from the College of William and Mary give me the skills and credibility to make your sale efficient and successful.

I am licensed in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. I grew up in Virginia - Vienna, Great Falls, and Western Loudoun County. Now, I live in Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C.

As Associate Broker – Properties on the Potomac, Inc. Director of Training, I work with industry leaders, top trainers, and develop in-house agent training programs to give our agents world-class real estate training that is cutting edge. With this training and education, our agents are confident and competent and unstoppable.

Supporting community projects and giving back is an ongoing activity. For three years I was president of the Washington Chapter of the William and Mary Alumni Association where I supported largest alumni chapter of the College. I continue to and network with that dynamic, ever growing group. Having been raised in the area, my experience and networks are broad and deep.

Jon Henkel

Jonathan L. Henkel, Associate Broker

Agent Coordinator

Direct - 703-989-7454

I come from a large family with seven children. My father was a sales executive for medical systems and we moved every 4-5 years. By the time I graduated from high school we had moved seven times crisscrossing the country from Wisconsin to California and from Denver to Wisconsin, back to California, to North Carolina, and then to Maryland. Can you imagine what my parents went through to find houses to fit our huge family? I know about moving and about moving lots of stuff and kids and pets.

Real estate is a fact of life. We all have to live somewhere. It might as well be the best possible place. My parents did right buy all of us and gave us great places to live. I come to real estate because my wife, Krasi Henkel, is wild about real estate and I saw that I could help her be more effective if I joined her. Since 1987, I have been her support from holding open houses, showing properties, handling paperwork, walking land, or just answering the phones. She thrives on the challenges and fast pace of the business. I help keep the pieces moving forward and bring order from potential chaos.

As Associate Broker - Agent Coordinator for Properties on the Potomac, Inc., I have myriad of activities - mostly taking up what nobody else has the time to do. My degree from the University of Maryland is in accounting and I make sense out of competing priorities and data; so that all of our agents can focus on giving the best service to our clients. You guessed it, I do what nobody else wants to or has time to do.

Harry Coldren

Janell Cloud, REALTOR®

Direct - 571-278-1635

Hi! You must be considering a residential change.

Do you want to move up, down, around, or out? Is buying or renting your best option? Just the thought can be exhausting and overwhelming. If children are involved, then the complexity of your decision is compounded.

Children need a place to grow, learn, and explore. They are not always willing movers. I have had my share of moving while growing up. I worried about neighbors, schools, and leaving friends behind. As a REALTOR, I feel those concerns for my clients. Planning, searching, negotiating, packing, coordinating, and unpacking is a huge undertaking. I empathize with that stress and want to make your real estate process an enjoyable experience.

If you are buying a home or want to rent for a while, please, give me a call. Together, we will make your plans come together with maximum fun and minimum disruption. Thoday’s news is scary. I help you make sense of the market and help you have a smooth transition.

I have incredible stamina, determination, and drive. We will find the right property for you at the right time.

Do you want to sell a property? I am a social media marketing expert. Put my marketing expertise to work to capture the best qualified buyers for your property. Your property will receive the cutting edge of marketing techniques. Why does that matter when properties are selling quickly? Capturing a buyer is the easiest part of real estate sales. It is about getting the best qualified buyer who will go to closing. Attention to the details, asking the right questions, meeting deadlines, managing documents, and negotiating the most unexpected issues is what I do for you so that you can sleep at night.

I bring peace and clarity to my real estate transactions with my thoughtful, quiet nature, and experienced team of professionals.

If you want thoughtful, one-on-one service, reach out to me and see how you benefit.

Harry Coldren

Harry Coldren, REALTOR®

Direct - 703-606-3600

Energy! Enthusiasm! Experience! These words define me.

Licensed in Virginia since 1999, I have helped many buyers and sellers reach their goals by being effective, smart and empathetic. Whether investor, first time home buyer, moving up or around, my skills in finding the "deal" for you are unsurpassed.

I studied political science and philosophy at East Carolina University. I am an accomplished road cyclist and BMX racer. My wife and I enjoy gardening and raise organic fruits and heirloom vegetables.

My geography is vast. My knowledge about land, land use, surveys, and lot lines is deep and broad. I can find the property you want even if it is not listed or the seller has not decided to sell yet. I am methodical, patient and diligent.

The geographic areas I service include the following:
Culpeper County, Fauquier County, Greene County, Rappahannock County and Northern Virginia.

Harry Coldren

Steven Greenberger, REALTOR®

Direct - 540-751-8350

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, real estate was not at the top of my mind. I lived in my parents’ house until I graduated from college and found a job. That was when things changed. In my 20’s, I had saved enough money for a down-payment on my own place. So I found a real estate agent and spent a few exhausting weekends driving around and seeing dozens of places. Finally, I found the perfect condo in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Now came the scary part. How much to offer? Is it worth it? Can I really afford it? I had never spent that much money before and it was a little intimidating. Fortunately, my real estate agent walked me through the process, helped me find a lender, and assured me that I was making a good decision and a good investment.

That early experience impressed upon me that the role of a real estate agent isn’t as simple as just listing homes for sale or taking clients to see properties. A good REALTOR® should be your advocate, sounding board, and partner.

Since that first purchase many years ago, I have bought and sold many different styles of properties in many different states. As an experienced real estate investor, I know how to evaluate homes with a critical eye and how to prepare homes to appeal to buyers and make the sale.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Administrative Management and Labor Relations. I also have a Culinary Degree from the French Culinary Institute in NYC. In my spare time, you will find me working around my farm with my herd of gentle Dexter cows and chickens, volunteering with Mobile Hope, working in my woodshop, or playing racquetball in Leesburg.

I look forward to working with you.

Heather Hutt

Heather Hutt, Media Specialist, REALTOR®

Direct - 774-287-6493

Your buying or selling process can be fun, painless and rewarding. I promise! My job is to make that happen. As a licensed real estate agent in Virginia working with the unmatched Properties on the Potomac team, dedicated and enthusiastic service is a guarantee.

A former renter and a current owner/landlord, I know where you came from and I know where you're going, whether you're a renter, new buyer, or owner looking to upgrade or invest. A condo owner in D.C. and a home owner in Mclean, VA, I'm a great admirer of the community. I'm going to find you the place you can fall in love with too.

With an alter ego as a television producer, I know my audience. When it comes to buying, it isn't about finding the perfect house; it's about finding the perfect home for you. And when it comes to selling or renting, I know the magic words that draw in and hook the serious buyers and tenants you're looking for.

Starting from a foundation of listening and understanding, I'll be using the latest and greatest in technology and marketing to accomplish the widespread, yet targeted, searches and advertising you'll need. My B.S. in Communications and a decade of experience in media, will put you at a unique advantage with the latest in video and graphics to market your property for rental or sale.

Let me help you stand out among the crowd. Let me help you make your visions become reality.

Andrea Justus

Andrea Justus, MBA, MIS, REALTOR®

Direct - 703-798-3679

My earliest memories of real estate involved growing up on the Space Coast in Florida. After my parents divorced, my mom, sister and I would look at fantasy homes and eventually had to find rental properties on a limited budget. I organized and led the moves in high school and then went to Florida State to get my B.S. in Management. I established my IT program management career and moved to Dallas, TX, Warwick, RI, and Springfield, VA, lived in 7 different locations over 10 years and purchased a town house. My mom’s rental home was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew and I learned a lot about cleanup, insurance, and finding housing in a very limited situation. I purchased a condo for my mom in Florida so she would not have to rent again. Years later when my mother fell ill and passed away, a local REALTOR contacted me and helped me update and sell the condo. That REALTOR was a gift in a time of need, a good REALTOR is invaluable. My goal is to bring the same value to my clients and friends.

I moved to Lucketts in Loudoun County in 2003. During that time I reignited a long time love of horses, my husband and I began riding. During the peak of the market we looked at over 100 properties in Loudoun searching for a horse property. In 2009 we acquired a short sale property in Lovettsville and built it out for horses. In 2013 we sold our Lucketts home after leasing it for 3 years to a non-compliant tenant and that was another valuable experience! In 2016, I obtained my Virginia real estate license and began working with horse properties, adult communities, rental properties and helping clients build new homes. These areas of focus allow me to fully leverage my experience, drive, and passion for my clients.

Abby Ryan

Abby Ryan, REALTOR®

Direct - 703-216-3844

Real estate dreams and reality involve big life choices.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has needed shelter. Caves, teepees, mud huts, to castles, log cabins and manor homes. Land was a reward doled out by kings and lords to their faithful liegemen, or granted by fathers to sons when they came of age and started their own families. Even today, in a modern world of high speed internet and a population glued to glowing screens, the desire to own property--a place to call your own--runs deep.

A house is just wood, cement and dry wall. Land is dirt and stone, if you're lucky it comes with trees and plants. If you're looking at condos, you're actually mostly dealing with airspace like a bird building a nest of sticks in a tree. But when a dwelling becomes yours, there is a transformation. The house isn't just beams and carpeting, it's your territory, your castle, your refuge, your home.

After three years of marriage, we began to long for our own patch of dirt and drywall to care for. But where to start? Real estate sites are like Amazon without reviews--how do you know if you're looking at a good home or a terrible one? Not only that, but do you offer list price or offer less? How much is too much, how little is insulting? Then, of course, there is the loan. Where do you go for a loan? What's involved in that? When you're signing up for over a quarter million in debt, you want to be sure you can trust your lender.

We worked with Properties on the Potomac, Inc. They unraveled the mysteries of land, drywall, paper, ink and stamps. Each step patiently explained, each professional we touched in the process was compassionate and interested in de-mystifying so we understood.

Joining the team was the natural outgrowth of a passion for helping people and an uncontrollable impulse to teach others what I've learned. Everywhere you go, people are talking about real estate--from the difficulty of finding affordable rentals to the irritation of getting your home ready for sale, to the complete befuddlement of getting started at all. Don't worry, though. We can help. We do this for a living.

It is my attention to the details that will make your real estate experience enjoyable and profitable.

Let’s start your journey toward your property goals today. Call me today.

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We work with exceptional lenders, inspectors, attorneys, and title companies whose commitment to our clients matches ours. We trust this team to deliver top service at the best possible value on time and with the promised terms and conditions.

If this is the type of team you expect to represent you and your property purchase(s) and/or sales, call or email us today.

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